Educating about Education

Corridor Classical Education was born out of an attempt to found a classical Lutheran high school in Cedar Rapids, IA. The idea for a classical high school didn’t catch on, we suspect for the following two reasons: first, Christian parents (generally speaking) do not understand the inherent conflict between modern public schools and Christianity; and second, Christians have largely forgotten what a classical education is, and why the Church has educated her children this way for the last two thousand years.

Corridor Classical Education is, in the first place, an effort to educate Lutheran parents about education. In particular, we seek to promote classical Lutheran education in the Corridor area of Iowa (the land between, and including, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids).

Let’s Start Something

Once such educating about education begins to take root, we’re open to a great many possibilities. Would parents like a Grammar school for their children? We’re up for it. Would people like to learn Greek or Latin? Let’s have some classes. Is there interest in reading classical literature? We’ll mix some wine and read through the Odyssey. Do homeschooling families want resources so that they can have classical education at home? We can help with that. Do self-teaching individuals desire a glorious education to replace the pseudo-education of their schooldays? We know that desire very well, and we welcome you into our company.

In whatever way this desire for classical education manifests itself, we will be pleased to help; though let it be said: we would still relish the opportunity to found a classical Lutheran high school.

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Who Are “We”?

Rest assured, “we” are not an individual trying to sound more important by using the first person plural pronoun. There are a full two of us, and as English only has the singular and plural (and not the dual), we qualify, if ever so slightly, for the plural. That being said, we’re not above writing about ourselves in the third person. We are:

Nathanael J Bohlmann

Nathanael J Bohlmann is an inveterate apostle for a better way to educate our youth. He has taught collegiately, worked on and gained a couple of patents along the way, and was the Chairman of the Board for Shepherd of the Springs Lutheran High School (still have the coffee cup to prove it!), the first Classical Lutheran High School in the modern age.

Rev. Andrew Richard

Rev. Andrew Richard is the pastor of St. Silas Lutheran Church in North Liberty, IA. He and his wife are giving their children a classical education at home. Rev. Richard is a survivor of the American public school system, and he spends much of his leisure learning the myriad things that he should have learned back in grade school. He very much enjoys classical Greek literature, especially Homer and Herodotus; he is also particularly fond of the plays of William Shakespeare and the poetry of John Milton. Rev. Richard is enamored with language, and there is little he loves more than studying and translating Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.